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Since the introduction of AIMP version 3 the lame mp3 encoder was removed from AIMP audio converter. Haven't understood why and why it was not at least replaced by another mp3 encoder. Anyways the L.A.M.E. remains the best mp3 encoder according to my knowledge and AIMP the best and lightest MP3 player out there and moreover includes all the basic tools, like a converter and an mp3 ID3 tagger and renamer.
So here are the steps I took to install LAME functionality back to AIMP.
1. Download the latest LAME package (3.99.5) from here( or here ( . Choose 32bit or 64bit according to your operating system.
2. From the zip bundle unzip "lame.exe" and "lame_enc.dll "
to "C:\Program Files (x86)\AIMP3\Modules" (windows 7 or windows 8).
Now there two ways you can follow from now on.
1. Locate in the folder above the file "Encoders.xml" and rename it to something like "Encoders.old" or delete it. (Note this method works only with the 32bit version of LAME. )
Start AIMP3 audio converter and now the MP3 format exists again and clicking on options bring up a menu with all the 3 basic encoding parameters of LAME. That is Mode (VBR, ABR, CBR), Quality (VBR quality or bitrate for CBR, ABR), and finally the Channels (Mono , Stereo, Joint Stereo). Remember that the default Channel setup is joint stereo . Don't use Stereo or Dual or Mono unless you know what you are doing.
Note2: After AIMP updates to newer version if MP3 dissapears you need to rename the "Encoders.xml" file again since it was recreated.
2. The above works OK but what if you want to use advanced parameters or the 64bit version of LAME. In that case you need to open the "Encoders.xml" file with a text editor (like notepad++), go at the end of the file and find the "</encoders>" tag. Place the cursor at the beginning of line and press ENTER to make an empty line. Now place the cursor at the empty line and and paste the following code:
<encoder Name="Lame MP3" App="lame.exe">
<inputformats type="autogen">
<autogen SampleRates="8000;11025;12000;16000;22050;24000;32000;44100;48000" SampleFormats="16" Channels="1;2" />
<property name="Ext" value=".mp3" />
<preset Name="CBR 320 kbps INSANE" cmdparams="-b 320 -q 0 - %output%" />
<preset Name="CBR 256 kbps" cmdparams="-b 256 -q 0 - %output%" />
<preset Name="CBR 192 kbps" cmdparams="-b 192 -q 0 - %output%" />
<preset Name="CBR 128 kbps" cmdparams="-b 128 -q 0 - %output%" />
<preset Name="CBR 96 kbps" cmdparams="-b 96 -q 0 - %output%" />
<preset Name="VBR UHQ V0 (245Kbps)" cmdparams="-V 0 -q 0 - %output%" />
<preset Name="VBR HQ V1 (220Kbps)" cmdparams="-V 1 -q 0 --lowpass 19.7 -b128 - %output%" />
<preset Name="VBR HQ V2 (190Kbps)" cmdparams="-V 2 -q 0 --lowpass 19.7 -b96 - %output%" />
<preset Name="VBR STANDART V3 (175Kbps)" cmdparams="-V 3 -q 0 --lowpass 19 -b96 - %output%" />
<preset Name="VBR PORTABLE V4 (165Kbps)" cmdparams="-V 4 -q 0 --lowpass 18 -b128 - %output%" />
<preset Name="VBR PORTABLE V5 (130Kbps)" cmdparams="-V 5 -q 0 --lowpass 18 -b112 - %output%" />
<preset Name="VBR PORTABLE V6 (115Kbps)" cmdparams="-V 6 -q 0 --lowpass 17 -b112 - %output%" />
<preset Name="ABR RADIO quality 80kbps " cmdparams="---preset 80 -q0 --lowpass 15 - %output%" />
<preset Name="ABR PHONE quality 56kbps mono" cmdparams="--preset 56 -q0 --lowpass 15 -m m - %output%" />
Here is a picture of how it should look like .
3. Now you are almost ready to rip an (unprotected) audio cd to mp3. At the audio converter add files , select the cd drive , type "*" at file name and press ENTER. All audio files will come up. Select all with Ctrl + A and press open.
4. Now you see something like that.
Choose Format: Lame MP3.
Enable rename output file with the following mask %tn. %R - %T (track number. Artist - Title).
Enable Move output to and select where you want to save the output files.
Finally at the format open the encoding parameters drop down menu and choose your wanted quality.
Leave the Sample rate, Sample format and channels unchecked unless you know what you are doing.
5. Select to output an mp3 for each audio input file from the drop down at bottom right.
6. You are ready. Press start.
Lame encoder profile command lines in the Encoders.xml are my personal selections based on various forums out there. You can of course alter the settings or create your liking.